Terms of Use with Role-Play AddOns on this Server...

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Terms of Use with Role-Play AddOns on this Server...

Post by Guest on Fri Jan 21, 2011 4:49 pm

If you do NOT agree to these, then please, do NOT use these AddOns! We are not liable for any viruses, errors, problems with your computer, or termination of your account on this server!

Blood-Bath Entertainment reserves the right to terminate your account access if you disobey these Terms of Service.


You agree NOT to put a virus into one of these AddOns and then give a copy of the infected folder to someone else.

You agree NOT to critisize/troll/talk smack about these AddOns, as they were created to help you, and others Role-Play, you smack talking or etc... To them, will make you seem like an ass-hole, so please, don't do it.

You agree NOT to tell people to not download these AddOns for false reasons.

You agree to follow the Terms of Use of these AddOns from whereever you downloaded them.

You agree to follow what they were instructed to be used for, and not get Blood Bath Entertainment in legal trouble.

And soon to have more added.

Failure to abide by these Terms when you have agreed to them will result in DIRE consequences.


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